cap|sule «KAP suhl, -syool», noun, adjective, verb, -suled, -sul|ing.
1. a small case or covering. Medicine is often given in capsules made of gelatin.
2. a) = space capsule: ( capsule) »

The Air Force abandoned hope of recovering an instrumented capsule from orbiting Discoverer VII after the capsule failed to separate from the earth satellite (Wall Street Journal).

b) a section of an aircraft, such as the cockpit, which can be handled or ejected as a unit.
3. a) a dry seedcase that opens when ripe. b) the spore case of mosses and various other lower plants.
4. a) a membrane or ligament enclosing some part or organ, as in a sac: »

the capsule of the crystalline lens of the eye, the capsule of the hip joint.

b) either of two white layers of nerve fibers in the cerebrum.
5. a concise summary.
1. in condensed or abridged form; very short: »

a capsule history of Williamsburg.

2. very small; miniature: »

a capsule radio transmitter.

3. of or having to do with a space capsule: »

a capsule communicator.

to furnish within or enclose with a capsule: »

It will be capsuled in a cylinder six feet in diameter and seven and a half feet in height (Science News Letter).

[< Latin capsula (diminutive) < capsa box < capere hold]

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